Lighting division

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, through the implementation of integral consultancy, design and supply of efficient equipment for each application, avoiding over costs in projects.

Tech support

Power & Lighting Systems SAS - Iluminación interior y exterior
We recommend the use of the best light bulbs and lighting sources existing in the market, which are applied according to the type of use of the Site to use according to their classification, mounting heights and recommended levels taking into account the rational use of energy. Example of this practice is the use of efficient as the LED, sodium, type T8 fluorescent yT5 among others.

For the lighting design, we use certificated software tools, which allow us to guarantee levels of lighting with the uniformities required in each application. We offer service of accompaniment in your projects, from the conception of the project, during the development of the project and finally during the installation of the equipment, which ensures the completion and commissioning of your professional lighting system. We support customer at the time of project delivery and during RETILAP audits.

We have professional staff with more than 15 years of experience in the field of electrical engineering, with training and experience in Europe and North America in the design of interior lighting, outdoor, public, sports, aviation, industrial, architectural and tunnels.

We use the latest technologies of lighting in our designs and work hand in hand with the main manufacturers of luminaires worldwide recognized, which allows us to recommend the best models, based on its high photometric efficiency and benefits for each application, mounting heights and levels of lighting required according to standards RETILAP, IES and CIE.

We use within our designs the concepts of color temperatures, reproduction and visual comfort are now mandatory design parameters according to the regulatory framework governing in each country.

Power & Lighting Systems SAS - Iluminacion publica

Supply and installation

We have the capacity to supply and install all types of light bulbs and required luminaires in your projects. We are traders and importers of highly recognized brands such as Osram, Philips, General Electric, among others.
Power & Lighting Systems SAS - Iluminacion para proyectos